Mobile & Rental units 

Mobile Catering

With many years of experience, we can take care of all your mobile catering vehicle/ trailer requirements.

We have a team of fully qualified gas engineers who can carry out gas inspections, testing and certification. We can also maintain/ repair your catering appliances or we can custom build your mobile catering unit. Contact us for more information or advice about any of our services or appliances.

We have worked on units which have appeared tv, also a Guinness world record attempt.
We have worked on a range of units including a:
Smart car- which was used as a mobile coffee machine.
A horsebox- which we converted to a mobile catering trailer.
And a range of vans including a Citroen H van, jiffy vans, burger bars and ice- cream vans.


Rental units

We offer a 3-year contract to include all parts and labour during this time and an annual service. At the end of the three years, rent the machine monthly, purchase it at the current market value or simply start again with a new contract and new machine.
(terms and conditions do apply).

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